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Who Is Arlene Henderson?


Who Is Arlene Henderson, you ask? 

arlene henderson

I’m compassionate about helping women. When I see someone going through a difficult time, I reach out. I let others know I care. I resolve conflicts by listening to understand each person’s side of an issue. 

I look for solutions that benefit everyone. 

I put forth my best efforts. Work and play fill me with enthusiasm.

I appreciate the humor. I take my personal growth seriously, but I am also able to laugh at myself.

I strive to be patient. I know that I need others to be tolerant of my weaknesses. I want to show them the same consideration.

I focus on kindness. I look for opportunities to pay it forward.

I give generously. I donate my time and money to charities. 

I express gratitude. I’m thankful for the generosity of others. I treat others with respect and keep them in my prayers.

I  try to be an example of Women Empowerment daily. I speak up for values that are important to me.

I cultivate the beauty of life through my thoughts, speech, and actions. I search for beauty and love in my heart to share with others. I feel beautiful from the inside out. 

I want to share this lifestyle empowerment living with you.
It was a process to get to this place in my life. I had help. I had to get over a lot of hurt and disappointment from my past. 

Empowerment living is for you, and I can help. Dedicate five weeks to exploring a new way of enjoying life.

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