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My role is to support and assist you in reaching your goals.I am passionate about my faith and my sincere desire to connect, motivate and inspire women. I am Arlene Henderson and together will begin the journey of taking your life to the next level. Feel free to reach me out with my services listed below.
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Empowerment Consulting & Coaching Per Session


Virtual or In-Person Meetings to create an empowerment journey plan to achieve short and long-term goals. Empowerment Coaching with a no-judgment zone to discuss everyday frustrations. I motivate clients to do more, be more, and clarify specific goals for empowerment.

The Evolution Experience


An 8-week empowerment course designed to help women flourish and step boldly into their purpose in which they thrive. The course focuses on creating a clear vision of your goals for your next steps to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

They Only See The Now
the challenges of women that men dont understand


45 min | $250

Provide an inspiring message to compliment the event. Speaking Topics include (but are not limited to) Women Empowerment, Love and Unity in Sisterhood, and The Importance of Connecting With Other Like-Minded Women.

Free Consultation

30 min | FREE
This consultation is to discuss your current challenges. I explain how coaching works and my specifics on how I help you to focus on your plans to achieve your goals during our time.
free consultation by arlene henderson
Focus On What's Important

Hear My Cry Lifestyle Empowerment Coaching Package- I AM WORTHY


Online Consulting Sessions through Zoom App, FaceTime, Phone, or Email. Coaching package for women who desire growth both personally and professionally discover their mission and purpose for their life. 4-month minimum package required—one hour per week. The cost is per month. Discount available for payment amount in total upfront. Payment Options Available per clients request.



Your VIP Day is dedicated to creating your “Focus on Me Plan.” A Focus on Me Plan is strategic planning on how to become an asset to yourself. Your VIP Day is designed to create realistic goals, outline specific dates to achieve your goals, and commit to an action plan. Your VIP day is to receive the benefits of my expertise in women’s empowerment, my undivided attention, and a day spent simply focusing on the goals that are important to you.

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You Are Worthy Online Course


Enroll Today Why enroll? – Learn new skills you can instantly apply to your current relationships – Learn new skills for effective communication – Learn how to forgive to move forward – 5-week online course.

Social Media Specialist


Content Creation for all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, builds clients’ audience and increases customer engagement. Different Packages Available per client’s need.

social media specialist by arlene henderson

Boss Series: Free Yourself To Live


Online Course work at your own pace. In this course, you will learn: How to free yourself from old tension and dive into life without fear How to come to a place of self-acceptance and self-compassion How to start living life filled with self-love and gratitude How to start showing up for yourself first

Business/Personal Wardrobe Makeover


Professional or Personal looks to conduct any meetings. A new look for a new you. Includes two one-hour meeting visits and one two-hour meeting visit. Provides evaluation, creation of look board, and shopping to achieve the desired look.

Business or Personal Wardrobe Makeover by arlene henserson


This website is owned and operated by Arlene Henderson. I do not provide medical or mental health advice. I am not, nor am I representing myself to be a doctor/physician, nurse, physician’s assistant, advanced practice nurse, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, counselor, social worker, registered dietitian, licensed nutritionist, or any other medical professional. You agree and acknowledge that I am not providing medical or mental health advice in any way. My role is to support and assist you in reaching your goals, but your success will depend on your effort, commitment, and willingness to follow-through. I cannot predict or guarantee you will attain a particular result, and you accept and understand that results vary per client.