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Quarantine Overload!

Quarantine Overload!

Ladies, I don’t know about you all, but if my husband or daughter asks me one more question or to do one more task, I’m going to SCREAM! 

Whewwww Chile, it is quarantine overload over here.

I absolutely love my family, but I’m over all of this togetherness. I need some distance and space. One of my girlfriends keeps calling about going on a little weekend getaway, but she wants to take the husbands. My reply each time  “Sis, I really need a trip without my husband.” LOL! I mean, really, I am on edge, snapping at everyone, and just feeling completely boxed in. Yes, me, the Lifestyle Empowerment Coach, is having a quarantine overload. I know I’m not the only one at this point. This is the transparent moment that I would like some time alone just to do nothing all by myself. Whew, there I said it. I already feel some relief coming upon me. LOL! 

The last six months have been some of the hardest for all of us. We have got to learn how to say what we are feeling to get some relief. Now I know as I am feeling this way about them. I’m pretty sure they are feeling the same way about me.

What do we ladies? 

  1. We keep loving our families. By looking at all of the positive things in our lives. Keep our focus on God and ask him to give us the patience of Job.
  2. We keep laughing with and at our families. Strike of the fun. Keep things light in such a solemn time. Have silly conversations. Learn to laugh despite all that’s going. The laughs will see you through.
  3. And we keep having our zoom girls night in to pray and talk each other off the quarantine overload ledges. Stay connected to family and friends. I know I said some distance and space, but a chat with a good friend can make all of the difference. 

I hope you found humor and love in reading this.

Stay Safe, Everyone!


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