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 As a child, I was always outspoken and a protector of my siblings. I still think I have to protect them now, even though we are all in our 40’s. LOL, I know, right.

Becoming an entrepreneur has amplified the voice of the protector in me. I am a southern 45-year-old African American Woman born and raised in Alabama. I love to establish relationships with the women I do business with. I greet everyone with a hug. I don’t meet strangers. I think of everyone as a friend until I am shown differently. I don’t look for handouts or anything special. I just like to have good business relationships. I know this is the core of my business, and it makes me stand out in a good and bad way. 

Fast forward to being in business for four years. I had to learn how to speak change to the things that made me uncomfortable. I had to learn to speak change to disconnect from business relationships that did not serve a positive purpose. I had to learn to speak change to myself that I was further along in my entrepreneur journey than I gave myself credit for. And as a business owner, I had to learn to speak change to other women business owners—my voice and influence carry weight to the women connected to me. 

Unfortunately, I know many of us have reached out to other women for help, and we have been shunned, disappointed, and hurt by the very people we should connect with. I speak to change this.

I’m here to tell you I’m sorry you experienced this. I speak to change this.

I’m here to tell you that every woman isn’t ready or equipped to take on their leadership and mentorship roles when you need them. I speak to change this.

I am here to tell you that every woman isn’t like this. I speak to let you know this. 

And I am also here to tell you that some women in places of influence aren’t ready for all that comes with the responsibility. I speak to change this.

I speak to change that we can’t continue to live life as we always have. I speak to change what my immediate environment looks and feels like. 

I, too, have experienced the bad we offer when we don’t know our power and influence. But I also have the experience of being connected to some amazing women that I know I wouldn’t be where I am without them. 

The purpose of my journey with this blog is to speak to change among women, so we can be the change for women. We can only do this by unity for change, support for change, and speaking for change.

I invite you to view this video for empowerment to speak to change.

I urge you to follow the people who are aware of who they are and provide us life maps to be better as individuals and society as a whole. The people that are speaking to change. 

Here are just a few to follow on Instagram: 

  1. @iamtabithabrown
  2. @ronnebrown
  3. @askdrnicole
  4. @luvvie
  5. @staceyabrams
  6. @arlene6949 & @hearmycry16 (me, of course)


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