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I Speak To Change

 As a child, I was always outspoken and a protector of my siblings. I still think I have to protect them now, even though we are all in our 40’s. LOL, I know, right. Becoming an entrepreneur has amplified the voice of the protector in me. I am a southern 45-year-old African American Woman born …

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How To Stop Being So Emotional

CREATE RULES FOR YOUR LIFE THAT SERVE YOU WELL Having rules that govern your life, behavior, and choices might seem too confined and restrictive. But there’s profound freedom that comes from living by a set of rules that you’ve chosen for yourself. You can refrain from going back and forth over your decisions. You simply …

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This Is It!

Hey, this is it!  This is your chance to break free of self-doubt finally. Knowing that women push everyone but themselves to the finish line, I want to give you a special offer to push you to get in the race moving to your finish line. What is the offer?  Well…right now, you can purchase: …

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A Job Level Commitment!

​Ladies, this new season will require work!!!  A Job level commitment of “I’m not going to give up until God blesses me with everything he has for me.” Its Time! Invest In You. I can teach you how.  Enroll today https://www.subscribepage.com/r1c5z0​  Arlene HendersonCertified Life Coach and Lifestyle Empowerment Coach Founder of Hear My Cry Sisterhood arlenehenderson@hearmycryllc.com …

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How To Evolve!

Watch the video here Arlene HendersonCertified Life Coach and Lifestyle Empowerment Coach Founder of Hear My Cry Sisterhood arlenehenderson@hearmycryllc.com www.hearmycryllc.com

A Few Best Picks For Jeans

Hello My Sisters,  I’m about to put some of you on to some great picks for jeans this fall season. I was telling a friend about two pairs of these picks not too long ago. I came across an Instagram curvy model Ms. Kristine (@mskristine), and she had this list. I own a few of …

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Quarantine Overload!

Ladies, I don’t know about you all, but if my husband or daughter asks me one more question or to do one more task, I’m going to SCREAM!  Whewwww Chile, it is quarantine overload over here. I absolutely love my family, but I’m over all of this togetherness. I need some distance and space. One …

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Who Is Arlene Henderson?

Hello, Who Is Arlene Henderson, you ask?  I’m compassionate about helping women. When I see someone going through a difficult time, I reach out. I let others know I care. I resolve conflicts by listening to understand each person’s side of an issue.  I look for solutions that benefit everyone.  I put forth my best …

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Are You Self-Aware?

Self-awareness is having a high degree of knowledge about yourself. It’s awareness of your habits, emotional tendencies, needs, desires, strengths, and weaknesses. Having a high level of self-awareness is a powerful tool. It allows you to change your life more effectively since you know how you tick. Those that lack self-awareness find life to be …

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