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I'm Arlene Henderson

Certified Lifestyle Empowerment Coach

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I started my business three years ago and have enjoyed every minute of what it offers my clients and me. I chose empowerment coaching to help women after speaking with so many who were doing life alone at critical times. I want to be that beckon of light and hope that I didn’t have in my difficult times of need.

I want to empower, inspire, and motivate every woman to know they have a purpose and story to help others along their journey.

I thank God for trusting me with the task of journeying well with the amazing women he sends.

Let’s Journey Well Together!

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I am a wondrous creation. Ever evolving and growing

I am earning my Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Troy University. Drawing upon my experiences, I wrote Breakthrough 2020, a 12-month devotional journal. I also crafted The Evolution Experience, an 8-week workshop designed to help women flourish and step boldly into their true purpose into a life in which they thrive. To aid in my goal of creating a solid network of even stronger women, I host a podcast, a lifestyle empowerment blog, and I share helpful content on my YouTube Channel.

Speaking Topics


Women are instinctive caregivers. We are nurturers. Women invest so much time and energy into others: spouses, children, friends, and even our jobs. This selfless attention to others often results in unintentional neglect of ourselves. Female Empowerment begins by learning how to redirect that same passion inward and to other women. Self Care is not selfish. A woman has to be strong on her own so that she can better pour into other people. I want to help women start and stay their course of rediscovery and refocus.


Life is about connections. There is no greater connection than friendship. Nothing helps to shape and define women other than our relationships with other women. Some of us struggle with how to form bonds with other women. Others struggle with recognizing people who are positive in our lives and removing those who are toxic. My mission’s hallmark is to encourage women to reach out and form a network of relationships with other women. This support is vital to growth and happiness. We are truly stronger together.

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A fun, lighthearted Mom that loves serving God’s people and empowering women.