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A Few Best Picks For Jeans

A Few Best Picks For Jeans

Hello My Sisters,

 I’m about to put some of you on to some great picks for jeans this fall season. I was telling a friend about two pairs of these picks not too long ago. I came across an Instagram curvy model Ms. Kristine (@mskristine), and she had this list. I own a few of these in different colors and styles, so this is truly an honest review. 

  1. Old Navy Rock Star Jeans – these are my favorite jeans right now. Before the quarantine weight, I purchased several colors and styles. I am getting rid of most of my other jeans now because these fit so well. They are a great look and feel. Old Navy’s web site has 239 reviews with an average of 4 stars for these jeans. Trust me, you will love them. 
  2. Walmart Sofia Vergara (yes, the Mart aka Wally World) – not a lot of reviews on these, so I will have to use Ms. Kristine’s thought on this pick. Click the link to get an idea of what they look like. The site does state that the jeans fit true to size.
  3. American Eagle – now just looking at the various options, they do offer a variety of different looks.  I’m sure we all can appreciate these stores making an effort to provide curvy sizes and a variety of those sizes. 
  4. NYDJ – these jeans look to be very forgiving and can be dressed up or down. The link shows the bootcut, and the sizes range from 14W-24W on this particular style. The site does offer a 10% discount for signing up for email notifications.
  5. Torrid – I own a few pair of these jeans, and I absolutely love them. Torrid jeans tend to run big, so look at going with a size smaller if you want to achieve a fit look. 
  6. Democracy – the description of these jeans are life-changing made to bring out your confidence. Now that’s a description and definitely worth checking out soon. We are in our confidence series this month, so heyyyyyy. The site offers a 15% discount for signing up for email notifications.
  7. Maurices – ok jeggings are in a league of their own now. They look super comfortable and offer sizes from 14W-24W.
  8. Loft – this is a good looking back jean. This particular pair of jeans is showing sizes 22W-26W. The site offers a discount, but you have to sign up with your email to get the deal sent to you. 

I know how hard it is to find a good pair of jeans. I know this list will help. Please email me pictures and your personal review of the jeans you purchase. I would love to hear from all of you.  (arlenehenderson@hearmycryllc.com)


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